Eliška Cílková is an author of new composition for Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra jubilee.

List of Orchestra’s pieces

1. Odstíny Záře / Shades of Lights for symphonic orchestra (commisioned by Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava 2024, con. A. Boreyko)

2. Journey to the Sun (The Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, con. V. Jouza, 2014)

3. Věta for symphonic orchestra (West Bohemian Symphonic Orchestra Mariánské lázně, con. Michael Roháč, 2011)

4. Manhatta for BERG Orchestra. 2015.

5. ClockWork for violoncello a symphonic orchestra (Moravian Philharmonia Olomouc, con. Konstantin Tyshko, 2014)

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